What background should I use for product photography?

What background should I use for product photography?


Lola Lin

March 18, 2024

10 min read

Product photography is essential for any business selling online. High-quality images showcasing your products are key to grabbing attention, boosting sales, and setting your brand apart. But let's face it, setting up a professional-looking photography studio with fancy backdrops can be a hassle. It's expensive, time-consuming, and requires dedicated space.

Here's where the magic of AI comes in! Say goodbye to bulky backdrops and hello to a revolutionary new way to transform your product photos. We're talking about AI-powered background replacement, a game-changer in the world of product photography.

Product Photography Setup

The History of Product Photography Backdrops: From Muslin to Mayhem

For decades, photographers have relied on physical backdrops like muslin, paper, or even vinyl to create different product photography backgrounds. While these materials offer some versatility, they come with limitations.

  • Setup Nightmare: Setting up and securing backdrops can be a time-consuming hassle, especially for smaller products.
  • Limited Options: You're restricted to the backdrops you physically have, limiting creative freedom.
  • Storage Issues: Backdrops take up valuable space, and wrinkled or damaged ones need replacing.
  • Lighting Challenges: Backdrop materials can affect lighting, requiring adjustments and potentially impacting image quality.
Traditional Product Photography Backdrops

Introducing Assembo.ai: Your AI Background Genie

Assembo.ai is a revolutionary AI tool that empowers anyone to create stunning product photos with professional-looking backgrounds in minutes, all from the comfort of your home! Here's why it's a dream come true for product photographers:

  • Effortless Background Replacement: No more struggling with physical backdrops. Simply take a well-lit photo of your product against a cleanish background (like a white wall) and upload it to Assembo.ai. The AI does the magic, removing the background and allowing you to choose from a vast library of stunning, high-resolution backdrops.
  • Endless Creative Possibilities: Unleash your creativity with a world of background options at your fingertips. Choose from classic solids, realistic textures like wood or marble, or even create a dreamy, thematic scene – all within the platform!
  • Save Time and Money: Ditch expensive backdrops and studio setups. Assembo.ai is a cost-effective solution that saves you precious time and resources.
Assembo.ai AI Background Replacement

How Assembo.ai Works: Simple as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Snap a Photo: Take a clear, well-lit photo of your product against a cleanish background. Your phone camera will work just fine!
  2. Upload Your Photo: Upload your photo to the Assembo.ai platform. The AI will analyze your image and automatically detect the product.
  3. Choose Your Dream Background: Explore Assembo.ai's extensive library of high-quality backdrops. Find the perfect one to match your product and brand aesthetic. You can even adjust lighting and shadows for a seamless, realistic look.
Simple Steps to Use Assembo.ai

Tutorial: Creating a Stunning Product Photo with Assembo.ai

Let's walk through a detailed tutorial on how to use Assembo.ai to create a breathtaking product photo:

  1. Setting Up Your Shot: Choose a product you want to photograph. For this example, let's use a stylish watch. Place the watch on a clean, well-lit surface. A plain white poster board or a sheet of white paper works great as a temporary backdrop.
  2. Lighting Your Product: Ensure your product is evenly lit. Natural light from a nearby window works wonders. If you're using artificial lighting, use soft, diffused light to minimize harsh shadows. Avoid using flash as it can create glare and unflattering reflections.
  3. Snapping the Photo: Using your smartphone camera, take a few photos of your watch from different angles. Ensure the product is in focus and fills the frame nicely. Don't worry about the background – Assembo.ai will take care of that!
  4. Uploading to Assembo.ai: Open the Assembo.ai website and sign in to your account. Click on the "Upload" button and select the best photo of your watch from your device.
  5. AI Background Removal: Assembo.ai's powerful AI algorithm will automatically detect and remove the background from your photo. This process usually takes just a few seconds.
  6. Choosing Your Perfect Backdrop: Now for the fun part! Browse through Assembo.ai's extensive collection of high-resolution backdrops. For this watch, let's try a luxurious black marble texture to convey a sense of elegance and sophistication.
  7. Fine-Tuning the Details: Assembo.ai allows you to adjust the lighting and shadows to ensure your product blends seamlessly with the new background. Play with the settings until you're happy with the result.
  8. Saving and Sharing: Once you're satisfied with your creation, simply download the high-resolution image. Your watch now looks like it was photographed by a professional in a high-end studio!

Famous Examples of Product Photography Backdrops

Think of iconic product photos, and the background often plays a crucial role in conveying the product's essence. Here are a few famous examples:

  • Apple's Minimalist White: Apple is renowned for its clean and minimalist product photography. Their sleek gadgets are typically showcased against a crisp white background, emphasizing their sleek design and premium quality.
  • GoPro's Action-Packed Adventures: GoPro cameras are built for capturing exhilarating moments. Their product photos often feature the cameras in action – mounted on bikes, surfboards, or helmets – against breathtaking natural backdrops like mountains, oceans, and cityscapes. This effectively communicates the camera's functionality and adventurous spirit.
  • Fenty Beauty's Inclusive Brilliance: Fenty Beauty is known for its diverse and inclusive range of makeup products. Their product photos celebrate this inclusivity by showcasing the makeup on models of various skin tones and ethnicities. Simple, clean backgrounds with subtle textures allow the stunning makeup looks to take center stage.
Iconic Product Photography Examples

Beyond the Basics: Creative Product Photography Backdrops with AI

Assembo.ai offers so much more than just replacing a white background. You can unlock a world of creative possibilities to make your product photos truly stand out:

  • Themed Backdrops: Imagine showcasing your summer fashion line against a vibrant beach scene or your cozy winter collection in a snowy wonderland.
  • Lifestyle Integration: Place your product seamlessly within a lifestyle setting. Show off your kitchenware in a beautifully styled kitchen or your travel gear amidst iconic landmarks.
  • Seasonal Touches: Add a touch of seasonality to your photos! Dress up your product images with festive backdrops for holidays or seasonal themes.
Creative AI-Generated Product Backdrops

Assembo.ai: Empowering Creativity in Product Photography

With Assembo.ai, the possibilities for creative product photography are truly endless. Whether you're an e-commerce business owner, a social media influencer, or a creative entrepreneur, this AI-powered tool puts professional-grade product photography at your fingertips.

No more settling for plain, boring backdrops. No more wrestling with cumbersome physical setups. Assembo.ai gives you the freedom to experiment, innovate, and create product images that not only showcase your products but also tell a compelling story.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for Assembo.ai today and revolutionize your product photography game. Say goodbye to the limitations of physical backdrops and hello to a world of creative possibilities. Your products deserve to shine, and with Assembo.ai, they will!