How to Take Product Photos with iPhone - Take Professional Photos with Assembo.AI

How to Take Product Photos with iPhone? - A Beginner's Guide


Lola Lin

March 20, 2024

9 min read

Ready to set up your new ecommerce shop with professional and eye-catching product photos? But don't want to spend a fortune? Taking great product photos with an iPhone is easier than you might think! In this guide, we'll walk you through the basics of iPhone product photography and show you how to use Assembo.AI to generate professional photos like a pro. Soon, you'll be taking product photos with iPhone that rival those taken with expensive camera gear.

iPhone product photography setup

Preparation Tips for iPhone Product Photography

Before you start snapping away, a little preparation goes a long way in iPhone product photography. First, find a spot with good natural lighting. You want soft, indirect light for taking product photos with iPhone - avoid harsh direct sun. Next, choose a simple background that won't distract from your product. A plain white posterboard or a clean, textured surface like wood or marble works well for product photography with iPhone.

Make sure your product is clean, polished, and styled the way you want it to appear in your final iPhone product photography. Take a few test shots to check the lighting and composition. Remember, the key to success with product photos with iPhone is to keep things simple and let your product be the star!

Natural lighting for iPhone product photography

Secrets for How to Take Product Photos with iPhone

Now that you're set up, it's time to start taking product photos with iPhone. Here are some pro tips for how to take product photos with iPhone that look amazing:

  1. Use the iPhone's built-in camera app for the highest quality images
  2. Tap your product on the screen to focus the iPhone's camera
  3. Try shooting from a variety of angles to add interest to your iPhone product photography
  4. Get up close to showcase interesting details and textures
  5. Keep the iPhone camera steady to avoid blurry images - use a tripod if needed

Example: Imagine you're learning how to take product photos with iPhone to showcase a handmade ceramic mug. You'd set the mug on a clean white background near a window, tap to focus, and snap pics from several angles. You might take one shot straight on, one from 45 degrees, and a close up of the mug's handle to highlight the artisan craftsmanship. Experimenting with different angles is the key for how to take good product photos with iPhone.

Product photography with iPhone

Editing iPhone Product Photography with Assembo.AI

You've taken some excellent product photos with iPhone - now it's time to make them even better with a bit of editing! Assembo.AI makes it super simple to edit your iPhone product photography. Here's how it works:

  1. Sign up for a free Assembo account and log in
  2. Upload your product photos taken with iPhone
  3. Assembo's AI will automatically remove the background, creating a clean product image
  4. Choose from a variety of backgrounds or even upload your own
  5. Adjust color, contrast, and saturation with Assembo's easy editing tools
  6. Download your edited photo to use in your online store, social media, etc.

Assembo's AI editing is a game-changer for anyone learning how to take product photos with iPhone. With just a few clicks, you can transform your iPhone product photography from average to exceptional!

Example: Let's go back to those iPhone photos of the handmade ceramic mug. After uploading them to Assembo, the AI removes the white background. Then, you have fun trying out different background colors and textures to make the mug pop. You settle on an earthy granite background that complements the rustic style of the mug. A few tweaks to the brightness and contrast, and you've got a professional-quality product shot, all thanks to iPhone product photography and Assembo's AI editing.

Editing iPhone product photos with Assembo.AI

Using Assembo's Style Imitation for iPhone Product Photography

One of Assembo's coolest features is the ability to imitate the style of other product photos. This is a game-changer for how to take professional product photos with iPhone. To use this feature, simply upload a reference photo along with your iPhone product photography. Assembo's AI will automatically apply the same lighting, colors, and style of the reference photo to yours. Voila - you've got an incredible product shot, no expensive gear or photography experience required!

Example: Imagine you're scrolling through Instagram and spot an image from a famous home goods brand. They feature a mug similar to yours, but the lighting and style is incredible. With Assembo, you can easily imitate that stunning look! Upload both the inspiration photo and your iPhone product photography to Assembo. The AI works its magic, and in seconds, your simple product photos with iPhone are transformed to match that inspiring, professional style. It really is that easy to achieve professional looking iPhone product photography!

Imitating professional product photography styles with Assembo.AI

The Perks of iPhone Product Photography and AI Editing

Why should you learn how to take product photos with iPhone and use AI editing tools like Assembo? It all comes down to saving time and money. Hiring a professional photographer for product photos can cost hundreds or even thousands per session. High-end camera equipment is also a major investment. But these days, you can achieve comparable quality product photography with iPhone, for a tiny fraction of the cost.

Plus, AI editing tools like Assembo streamline the process even more. Instead of spending hours editing photos, you can get professional results in just minutes. For entrepreneurs and small business owners, this is a total game changer!

Example: Jasmine started a small online jewelry shop and needed great product photos. She was thrilled to discover how to take good product photos with iPhone and edit them easily with Assembo. Instead of shelling out thousands for a fancy camera or professional photographer, she was able to get the same polished look herself, quickly and affordably. The money she saved went right back into her growing business.

Try it Now!

Taking great product photos with iPhone is totally doable, with a little practice and the right tools. I hope this guide has given you the knowledge and confidence you need to get started with iPhone product photography. Remember, a little preparation goes a long way. Keep backgrounds simple, lighting soft, and the focus on your amazing product. And lean on AI editing tools like Assembo to take your iPhone product photography to the next level, quickly and easily.

With these iPhone product photography tips and tricks, you're well on your way to creating scroll-stopping product images that will delight your customers and followers.